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Advance Auditores Independentes was founded in September 2016 to succeed PS Contax & Associados, which was founded in 1995. Its members are professionals who have worked in the private sector in various areas, such as accounting, financial management and auditing. It is present in Rio de Janeiro, able to offer its services at a national level.

With the Brazilian economy in process of stabilization, the organizations need to base their actions in the development of strategies aimed at increasing competitiveness and reducing costs. For this reason, the focus on results becomes the main guideline guiding business management.

The client of Advance Auditores can count on high quality services, with fees compatible with those of the market, and will also have a range of exclusive and important information to be kept up to date.

Advance Auditores' professionals have extensive experience in various sectors of the economy, notably in the petroleum, petrochemical, cement, mining, steel, metallurgy, retail, IT, hotel, tourism and service sectors.

Our professionals are obligatorily up to date with legislation, accounting and auditing standards and must comply with the requirements of Continuing Professional Education established by the Federal Accounting Council (CFC).



Nelson Pfaltzgraff

Forty-five years of experience, started with Arthur Andersen, later acting as auditor, general accountant, financial director, internal audit manager in large national and international business groups. For six years as internal auditor of Petrobras' international operations (Braspetro 1976/1982). CFO of Canadian mining company, operating in Brazil, in the pre-operational phase, for 5 (five) years. Solid experience in organization and reorganization administrative and financial.

Others activites

  • President of the Institute of Independent Auditors of Brazil (IBRACON - 3rd Regional / RJ), biennium 2004/2006
  • Member of the Commission for Continuing Professional Education - CEPC-CFC - 2012/2013
  • Coordinating Member of the TF for Small and Medium-sized Firms of Audit - IBRACON Nacional / SP (2012/2014)
  • Chief Financial Officer of IBRACON - 3rd Regional / RJ, triennium 2015/2017

Paulo Cesar Jardim

Graduated in Economic Sciences in 1979 and Accounting Sciences in 2010. He began his career at Walter Heuer Auditores Independentes SS as trainee in 1975 until 1985. He was one of the Internal Audit Managers of Mesbla SA from 1985 to 1986. Partner of PS Contax Auditores Independentes SS, from 1996 to 2013. He joined Acal Auditores Independentes SS in 2013 as Associate Audit Manager leaving in August 2016. His client base is basically composed of national clients, mostly in Rio de Janeiro.

Significant Projects

Participation in international training (RSM Methodology) as a student (Curitiba - Brazil);

Participation in continuing education courses annually, as required by the CFC. 




Know-how of more than 40 years in the accounting audit market

More than 100 clients served, 20+ segments, strength and reliability

Scope, diversification, and traceability

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Advance Auditores Independentes SS.

Phone: +55 (21) 2262-3047

109 Churchill Avenue, room1003 - Downtown Postal code: 20020-050 – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil


Advance Auditores Independentes is authorized to issue independent opinions to all those companies and entities that are regulated by a direct and / or indirect management body, mainly those regulated by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

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